Silver Moran-Stewart is from St. Paul, Minnesota.  She is a self taught designer and everything that she creates is handmade. Designing is something that naturally happened shortly after completing college in 2016, but fashion has always been a true passion of hers. With no background knowledge in sewing or fashion design, she knew she wanted to create her own clothes, and to do that she needed to buy a sewing machine. In 2017 she bought her own sewing machine and taught herself how to sew. She researched, bought books and watched many YouTube videos, until she felt confident enough to buy fabric to start creating her own designs. From there, she came up with the name REVLIS, which is an anagram of her first name Silver. She is a designer that loves denim and love to create clothing that is trendy and everyday fashion wear.  She has a taste for contemporary fashion designs with a modern flow. As a fashion designer, she hope to inspire and push the boundaries!!